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you know i wont mind if you monopolize all of my time

fall in love and hold nothing back

10 September 1984
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there's an angel by your hospital bed, desperate to hear his name on your breath
and as he looks down, you're not making a sound

"open your eyes and look at me
i'll bring to you whatever you need
and i'll tell you i'm sorry that i can't take this pain away from you
i'd put it on my own body if i knew how to
can't you see?

i've got to bust you out of here somehow
i've never seen your heart this tired i've never seen your spirit held down
i know that you say, this is what you get for being a bad child
but i know this will be your reward in just a little while"

it's testing the strong ones
it's scarring the beautiful ones
it's holding the loved ones one last time