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26 January 2007 @ 12:07 pm
12 January 2007 @ 12:18 pm
she's gone.
leela is gone.

i am sad.
and i cried.
then joe hugged me.
and went out for dinner at swiss chalet.
02 January 2007 @ 09:09 pm
this is a pretty cool comic.
there arent many, but the work is great.

tunes: leigh nash.
16 December 2006 @ 04:39 am

04 December 2006 @ 02:24 am
and he kissed me till the mornin' lightCollapse )
tunes: regina spektor.
25 November 2006 @ 08:01 pm

You Are Sam From "Benny & Joon."

You are very talented at physical comedy. People are in awe of your abilities. However, you have many quirks which can either win people over or completely annoy them. But you're a sweetheart through and through, and it's hard not to love you.

Take The Johnny Depp Quiz!
tunes: the sundays.
14 November 2006 @ 03:29 am

i want to see this movie even though it scares me a little inside.
13 November 2006 @ 04:34 am
i have been strangely unmotivated lately, and i'm dying to know the cause of it. it could partly have to do with the fact that i've only had one day off work in the past two weeks, but that is only partly.

when i'm not at work, i'm at home being lazy, watching tv and/or sleeping. and that's another thing. i feel like i can never get enough sleep. i sleep for 10 hours and still want more. that could partly have to do with my lack of iron. and i guess i could be taking my irons pills daily to stop that.

also, for the past little while, my excema has been acting up. this time it's really bad. it's never been this bad before. actually, in high school i had it on my face. that was really embarrassing because i couldnt hide it. with my arms and legs, it's easy. i went to my doctor and got an ointment to help it. after a week, i stopped using it as frequently as it suggests. i do want it to get better. i also have a referral to a dermatologist (whom i am calling tomorrow to make an appointment) which had better help me more than anything i've been doing.

i need something to motivate me.

"i wanna crawl out of my skin
apologize for all my sins

i'll take this day by day by day
under the covers i'm okay i guess
life's too short and i feel small"
tunes: sugarcult.
11 November 2006 @ 03:31 am
today i was reading the perks of being a wallflower. and it made me miss how i used to write in livejournal all the time. i guess part of me is jaded though because i feel like no one cares about the things i write. and if no one cares about the things i write, then they dont care about me. the only person who ever writes anything, is joe. and i'm glad he does.

that is all.
take care.
06 November 2006 @ 05:46 am
five things that scare you:
1. heights. but at the same time i find it so exhilerating!
2. when people get angry, it gets me really nervous.
3. the dark, because if i cant see what's there, anything is possible.
4. freddy kreuger.
5. creepy black guys.

five things that make you laugh:
1. when i am tickled. especially between my toes. but shh, dont tell anyone.
2. joe and his baby voices.
3. funny
4. dumb
5. things

five things you love:
1. joe.
2. leela.
3. megan.
4. dill pickles.
5. listening to music.

five things you hate:
1. the people at rona (customers and employees).
2. when joe reminds me a million times a day to do everything, as if i'll forget.
3. all the stupid things that happen in my apartment: mold, leaky fridge (got a new fridge), stove catching on fire, loud furnace, etc.
4. that all black guys try to hit on me, or guys in general. make them stop! i'm taken!
5. rap.

five things you don't understand:
1. why people can get so impatient so fast.
2. why some girls are so spoiled beyond belief.
3. why i cant catch a break.
4. politics. not that i want to.
5. what leela is saying when she meows at me.

five things on your desk:
1. speakers + mouse + keyboard + monitor.
2. cell phone.
3. mcdonalds cup.
4. a red crayola marker.
5. a fork.

right now you are:
1. dreading tomorrow. getting up at 6am and having a confusing day.
2. itchy.i hate excema.
3. sleepy.
4. hoping to see joe tomorrow:)
5. listening to the postal service.

five negative facts about you:
1. i am very hard on myself.
2. very stubborn but not selfish.
3. it's hard for me to save money.
4. joe says i'm lazy, but i call it laid-back:) i guess i see what he means.. i do let the dishes and laundry pile up on a regular basis..
5. i'm terrible at trying to stay in contact with people. it's not that i dont care. i dont really know what it is, to be honest.

five positive facts about you:
1. i say what i think.
2. i am artsy.
3. i am independant. i've been living on my own since i was eighteen.
4. down to earth: people talk to me about their problems quite frequently, even when there isnt much of a friendship there to begin with.
5. persistent. only sometimes.

five things you plan to do before you die:
1. have a family. girls and boys with red hair make me smile, a lot:)
2. i want a dog!
3. travel: australia, new york, england, british columbia.
4. start a band.
5. get my license again and from there get a sweet car.

five things you can do:
1. sing and play guitar.
2. sleep for extended periods of time.
3. cook.
4. mix paint.
5. make good whoopy/whoopie/woopy/woopie (geez, can someone tell me how to spell that?)

five things you can't do:
1. remember.
2. stop scratching.
3. do as i'm told.
4. --
5. --

five famous people you want to meet:
1. johnny depp.
2. adam brody.
3. julia roberts.
4. emily haines and amy millan.
5. natalie portman.

five songs you think are cool:
1. lion's mane by iron and wine
2. the district sleeps alone tonight by the postal service
3. headlock by imogen heap
4. science is golden by the grates
5. maps and y control by the yeah yeah yeahs

top five things that turn you on about your sex of choice:
1. sweet + sexy.
2. eyes that eat you up.
3. facial hair.
4. soft lips.
5. small ears.

five movies:
1. garden state
2. amélie
3. beetlejuice
4. edward scissorhands
5. benny and joon

top five things you say the most:
1. oh yeah?
2. i love you. (to joe and my brother and megan)
3. what? (to my kitten who meows at me)
4. i'm bored.
5. air miles?
tunes: azure ray.