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14 March 2007 @ 07:09 pm
what the water wants is hurricanes
and sailboats to ride on its back

what the water wants is sun kiss
and land to run into and back

i have a fish stone burning my elbow
reminding me to know that i'm glad
that i have a bottle filled with my old teeth
they fell out like a tear in the bag

and i have a sister somewhere in Detroit
she has black hair and small hands

and i have a kettledrum
i'll hit the earth with you
and i will crochet you a hat

and i have a red kite
i'll put you right in it
i'll show you the sky
mood: okayokay
tunes: sufjan stevens.
estherikabonbon on March 15th, 2007 05:34 pm (UTC)
In the fireplace, there's a secret. A letter you threw away.
In the cinders, there are words that I'll never hear you say.
You said I was a runner, and you ran away from me.
And I kept on writing and drying my eyes.
I said eventurally, I'll settle down,
And I'll be responsible and I'll be a man.
I was pretending to be all that I can.

Lights in the distance, kites in position,
This will be everything to me,
and I will be sentimental, I will be kind,
And I will be everything you told me to be.

And I will, I will, I will return to Ontario.
But first I must sleep, first I must breathe,
Air from another home.

-Concrete Cavalier - Kites